To put it shortly, yes, this will happen to you too if, as a client, you continue with your slow-paced tempo letting workflow and processes lag while with us on board. And no, this wouldn’t turn out well.  Why? 

Because in the past week, we provided 25 pre-screened and pre-approved interested drivers who submitted full applications. 25 in a week. And our client didn’t get round to review even one of them. 

Marketing budget was spent, time and resources were invested, and fantastic results were produced, only to have them neglected and see the gains go down the drain. 

We understand the circumstances under which this happened, but you have to leave one person as a contact point responsible for immediate action.  

The drivers lost their interest, and our client lost the perception and reputation of being a professional place to work amongst these drivers. 

Our industry is fast-paced, and every minute lost in our communication with the drivers leads to losing the potential lead, for whom everyone spends a lot of resources. 

Do not do this again in the future, please do not. 

Always leave a responsible contact person to process all our leads. 

We love our job, and we want to please our clients every time, every second. 

Our employees are extremely happy for each and every driver brought to you. We even celebrate it!  
Yes, we must admit – we have our winning dance for each driver who has started working for you. 🕺 
So, don’t forget, we all are in the same boat and have one common goal to achieve – let’s stick to it together. 


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