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Marketing Services

Embed your trucking company on the most effective digital channels and get data-driven content to find drivers that will suit you best. Utilize strong social media presence to attract top talent and boost your trucking business.

We create and deliver targeted, personalized email campaigns that are engaging and generate results. Whether you are looking to promote new job openings, build brand awareness, or keep the drivers informed, you will get a custom email marketing strategy that fits your demands.

Take your truck marketing to the next level with performance-based ads. Connect with a highly involved audience, generate leads, and establish brand recognition. Precise targeting and diverse ad campaigns drive conversions and growth.

Roll out with a bang in the online space with a custom-made website. We construct responsive and user-friendly rigs, tailored to your unique needs. Maximizing your trucking company’s reach and driving more leads to you is our main goal. Let us give your business the boost it needs!

Transform your brand into a standout on the road with our creative services. Convey your brand’s message with eye-catching & empowering designs. We will make sure to keep you on the driver’s mind by keeping your content on their devices.

Grab your audience’s attention with carefully curated campaigns. Connect with the potential drivers, create a unique company’s image, and leave an ever-lasting impression with compelling narratives and impactful words. Let us tell the story of YOU!

Recruitment services

Attract and evaluate the right candidates with the help of Applicant tracking software. We can help you choose from the options available on the market, or optimize the one you already have – all with the purpose of automating the selection process to the max!

We contact your driver candidates as soon as they hit the Leads Center and use all information they provide as means of communication. From the very moment this happens, you already have the upper hand when compared to your competitors. What may be just out of your reach is easily found in our recruiters’ skillful, well-trained, and highly experienced hands.

It’s not all about the volume of drivers you find, it’s about the drivers that stay. You’ve probably experienced this first-hand, but still fail to find a suitable way to turn those potential candidates into sure-proof hires. Leave it up to us to employ the latest techniques, represent your company in the best way and drive the ball through the last hoop.

We work closely with all our clients in the pursuit of providing the best candidates for their companies. Conducting an express recruitment process from lead to hiring is just one highlight that helps this happen. We’re here to go the extra mile when you feel tight on the hours, and make every minute count.

Our skilled recruiters make a heavy workload seem feather light, but it’s the final result that puts the cherry on top. The dedicated and tailor-made service beats a one-size-fits-all mindset any day of the week, bringing top-notch results to all current clients, and it will do for you too! Let us fill your trucks!

We represent your company – and take it seriously. We follow your strict hiring guidelines and ensure all recruits get treated respectfully and professionally. And most importantly, we’ve got the data to prove it all – compiled in accessible, informative reports, so you can keep track of your company’s progress, every step of the way!

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The team at The Drivers World got us out of a tight spot during a driver shortage crisis. Couldn’t thank them enough for their efficiency and dedication. Big props to Mary for her assistance throughout the process, a real pleasure to work with.
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I was pleasantly surprised that the team managed to deliver on our very specific needs for drivers and owner operators.Their targeted ads campaign hit the mark precisely, attracting drivers with the exact skills and experience we needed. Highly recommend their tailored approach!
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I’ve worked with several recruitment companies in the trucking industry and by now I can recognize quality. What sets them apart is their commitment to driver satisfaction. They don't just place you in a job and forget about you, the recruitment team is diligent about following up with drivers and ensuring that they are content.
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4 days in and we already got our first driver! I appreciate that they understand the urgency of the industry and deliver results swiftly. The cost-effectiveness was a pleasant surprise, especially considering the quality of candidates they found.
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A game changer for our company. I needed to expand my fleet fast, and they delivered results ASAP. Their efficiency in matching drivers and owner-operators with our needs saved us time and money.
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The team at The Drivers World achieved a my lowest cost per hire of only $550. So, I will let the numbers do the talking! If you're looking to hire experienced drivers, trust The Drivers World to get the job done efficiently.

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