Case Study: Ryno’s Rocking Results – Niche targeting drivers with tanker endorsement.

Client: Ryno Trucking is a pivotal player in the transportation of liquids, relying on a fleet of top-tier drivers. Their vision is clear-cut: recruit adept company drivers who understand and are qualified for hazmat transportation. 

Challenge: While the trucking industry is vast, drivers qualified and willing to transport liquid materials are a rarity. Hazmat transportation demands specialized training, heightened safety awareness, and a particular mindset to handle the associated risks. Ryno Trucking’s challenge lay not in finding just any drivers, but in finding the right drivers who could rise to these unique demands. 

Solution (here’s how it played out): Our approach was multifaceted. Recognizing the value of direct input, we began with roundtable sessions involving current hazmat drivers at Ryno Trucking. These discussions shed light on their motivations, what attracted them to Ryno initially, and what kept them loyal. 

Equipped with these insights, we crafted ads that spoke their language. Highlighting Ryno’s impeccable safety standards, growth opportunities, and a genuine passion for what they do, we took our message to the places they hung out online. 

Results: The culmination of these efforts was evident in the numbers: 

  • Total cash spent on ads: $1,400. 
  • Number of leads gathered: 600. 
  • Cost per lead: $2.3 per lead.  
    But more importantly, the quality of leads was remarkable. Ryno Trucking saw an influx of applications from drivers who were not only qualified but also aligned with the company’s values and long-term vision. 

Conclusion: Ryno Trucking’s recruitment challenge was undeniably complex. However, by adopting a holistic approach that combined targeted advertising with genuine engagement, they succeeded in bridging the gap. In an industry where expertise and safety go hand in hand, Ryno Trucking solidified its position by ensuring it had the right team to carry its mission forward. 

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